Kombucha what?

In honour of international Women's day last Tuesday, I decided to use this Monday's blog post to highlight one project in Berlin which is headed up by two amazing, creative women. I went to visit Lucy at Black Sheep Cafe Berlin to spend a morning learning how to 'kombucha' ... if you will, and this girl knows her stuff. The kitchen is lined with giant jars filled with Kombucha in a wide range of flavours. Lucy is the head, heart and hands behind the Berlin Kombucha Society, and if you haven't tried Kombucha before, this is a very good place to start.

So what is it? Komucha is a Fermented Tea Drink, apparently known as the 'immortal health elixir' by the Chinese who have been fermenting their tea for it's health benefits for thousands of years... fun fact for you! It's made with a SCOBY, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. It's like a pet...  You have to really watch it and look after it so it grows and you get all the benefits from the fermentation. As far as I can work out, the bacteria and yeast respond with sugar and thus starts the process. (I did ask the question about the sugar, as I don't include any refined sugars in my diet, but you do need it for the process, you can always choose a sugar that is not white and refined if you want to do this at home, most of the sugar is actually "eaten" by the yeast anyway so there is very little by the time you come to consume it).

I wanted to learn more about the health benefits of this drink, as I am a massive fan of tea and here I was being presented with delicious, refreshing, fermented tea. So why is Kombucha a great option for you if you see it on the menu? Here is an introduction to what I found: 

DIGESTION Because of the high levels of beneficial acids, probiotics and enzymes created in the tea, it acts as a great aid to your digestive system. 

ENERGY BOOSTING B vitamins and iron are released during the fermenting process which are great for boosting your energy. Of course there are small amounts of caffeine in the black tea but it's mainly the minerals that leave you feeling full of energy. 

STRENGTHENS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Due to the high and strong antioxidant content, it helps to protect you from illnesses that may be lurking around. 

DETOXING Apparently, this tea has the capacity to counteract liver cell toxicity. So next time you need to give your liver a helping hand and it's on the menu give it a try. 

I find this stuff fascinating, when you are creating a drink through fermenting there is so much going on to create the probiotics and enzymes that benefit the processes that your body goes through every day. But for those who aren't into the nerdy stuff, just know that I tried a couple of the flavours that they have on offer and it is really delicious! 

The Black Sheep Cafe has only recently opened and it's such a lovely place, with a great vibe. If you are in Berlin, you should go check it out... To try the Kombucha but also to say hi to the girls! And feel all the goodness flowing through your body! 

Let me know if you have any more facts on this wonder tea! I'd love to hear them! 

Happy Monday xxx




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