Staying healthy when you're travelling on a budget!


I have been fortunate enough to travelled quite a bit in my life, I also live in a different country from my family, which automatically means I frequently visit airports and find myself on long train journeys.

I hate plane food, I really struggle to find good food options on the road and normally, if there is something fresh, it’s outrageously overpriced. Train stations are slowly getting better but we still have a way to go! When you are out of your normal rhythm and away from your kitchen, it can be really easy to let your good habits slide and just go for what is convenient. The problem is, you don’t want to go for something easy but suffer afterwards because it’s made you feel bloated or lethargic. You want to enjoy your time away and feel great!

This week my friend asked me if I had any tips on how I travel to keep my food philosophy wherever I go. And I thought this would be a great one for all you beautiful people who are off on trips in these next few months.

So I hope you find these little tips helpful:


I always take nutrient dense snacks in a jar. Don’t forget that you can’t take any liquids or pastes with you on flights, which rules out quite a lot, it’s not just your water that will get taken. I like to fill a jar with mixed nuts, goji berries and sultanas to snack on when I need an energy boost. I literally take a jar to last me the whole time I’m away, so I need to exercise some self-control and not eat the whole thing on the way to the airport!


Super Boost Powders: I have a powder that I like to add to smoothies which is a mix of Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Cacao, Maca, Chlorella and Barley Grass. It’s a really intense flavour but I often add it to a smoothie or a juice to get that extra hit of minerals and vitamins. It’s great to take Chia seeds or other nutrient dense super-foods with you to add to a meal to up the health kick!


Oats for breakfasts is such a great way to fill your body with energy and save some money, all you need is a kettle to boil the water, pour it over the oats and you are away! Chop up half a banana, throw in a few nuts and you have a power breakfast that will keep you full till lunchtime.


Teabags: I have a number of teas that are my absolute favourite. I love the “Woman’s Energy” Yogi Tea in the morning, I always have PUKKA’s Love tea at night which is a fusion of chamomile, lavender and rose, I love green tea with ginger and orange. Having tea bags in your handbag is always helpful because you can give your body a little cleanse whenever you like, all you have to do is pick up a hot water…


Make your own energy bars and balls for the journey. I made a whole box of my “Love your body” bars when my husband and I flew to Turkey last year and they were a lifesaver, as our plane was delayed and we spent the whole night in Istanbul airport and went probably 16 hours without access to any fresh food. So just be prepared!


If you are in a part of the world where these foods are easy to get a hold of, buy some whole food crackers or chia bread, your favourite nut butter, some fresh fruits to keep in your bag, a hummus and some fresh veggie sticks. These are all great ways to keep your nutrients up, stay full of energy and they can all be bought on a budget.


Drink lots of water. And remember it’s always cheaper to buy bigger… in a lot of supermarkets you will find 2 litre bottles in the drinks isle for almost the same price as a 500ml bottle at the front of the shop. Buy the big one, stay hydrated.

I guess the number one tip for staying healthy when you are travelling is just to get super organised and to stay disciplined. If you are travelling on a budget that will help with the self-control as you are limited to what you will be buying anyway. Just remember it’s not about deprivation, I love living this way and I never feel like I am missing out. I know that certain foods leave me feeling terrible, so I choose foods that leave me feeling great from the inside out. 

When you make these choices from a place of loving your body and wanting to place value on it so you can live life to your full potential, you will find making healthy food possible when you are taken out of your normal rhythm a lot easier.

I hope this helps you as you travel.

Happy Monday xxx

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