My Goodness is officially here!

Hello! Welcome to the My Goodness Blog! I am so glad that you are here! This is going to be my platform to share healthy lifestyle tips, Berlin foodie tips, delicious and easy recipes, and more with you so My Goodness can help you to feel better and live well! 

I am all about seeing people live to their full potential, which you will see the more time you spend with My Goodness. Our bodies are totally amazing and they deserve to be valued and treated with a lot of love. When you fill your body with goodness everything starts to flourish, you feel better within so your confidence grows, your energy levels are consistent and you feel healthy meaning you can really live life to the full!

To achieve a healthy lifestyle I have 5 words that I live by: "Eat, Move, Breathe, Love and Dream." I believe in Holistic health, this means it's not enough just to eat well, or just to exercise, or just to get enough sleep... there are many factors that play a role to achieving a healthy lifestyle, including balancing your stress levels and having healthy relationships. I think taking positive steps with your nutrition is a fantastic place to start! When you start to feel better on the inside, you will feel motivated to grow in other areas too, so you can be your best you! 

People often ask me what does it mean to be plant based? Isn't that just vegan? While a plant based diet suits vegans, it means exactly what it says... eating foods that come out of the Earth, plants! Avoiding all refined sugars, processed foods and weird vegan and gluten substitutes, keeping it all natural. Plant based is a lifestyle, not just a fad diet. When you start wiring your brain to really think about the food that you are putting into your body you will see how crazy all the options that we have available to us are. Learning to stick to just plants and produce that the Earth produces has seriously changed my life. It's not about feeling deprived but feeling empowered. 

This is what I hope My Goodness will do: encourage, empower and enable you to make positive changes in your world to achieve positive results. Practically with our snack boxes delivering throughout central Berlin and inspirationally with our blog. 

Thank you for joining with me on this journey! 

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