Positive Changes lead to Positive Results

When you start to tell people that you live life on a totally plant based diet, they often raise their eyebrows and say something along the lines of "Why?" or "I don't know how how you do that."

To those asking why... I started eating a plant based diet just over three years ago when my then boyfriend, now husband, went on a really extreme diet to try and battle some health problems he was having. I went on the diet with him as a way of supporting him and making cooking for the both of us easier and the results I discovered were incredible. I was finishing up my studies in Sydney, Australia, working 3 different jobs and volunteering for a big production, it was one of the busiest times of my life but I was full of energy and my mind was focused, I basically discovered a way of eating that really worked for me and my body so I kept it up. Over the next two years I would go on and off the program due to circumstances or, if I'm honest, people pleasing where I just didn't want to be difficult but whenever I would eat meat and dairy I felt the difference to such an extreme. It effected every area of my life, my energy, my mood, my relationships, my thoughts and self confidence, I felt sluggish, tired, never 100%. So I made the decision that I wanted to make this diet or program actually a lifestyle choice that I have chosen for me because of the positive impact it had and the rest is history. I am now on this journey discovering a way that I can make plant-based eating more appealing to people, so they too can make positive choices in their lifestyles that will bring about positive changes for their bodies, the environment and ultimately, for their futures!

For those asking how I manage it, I always say it's not about deprivation, it's about education! Plants are the most incredible things! Colourful, delicious and full of amazing nutrients that get your body working to the best of it's ability. There is so much room for creativity and I hope the recipes that will be here on this blog will give you an idea just how creative you can be. You can make all your favourite recipes in a plant based variation. Have you ever heard of the expression "whatever you feed grows"? Your body craves whatever you are feeding it, so if you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods, naturally your body will crave these things to begin with, but once you start filling your body with natural goodness that is what it will start to want... getting there is not always easy but it is so worth it.  And when you start to feel the benefits you will want to continue, just to see how great you really can feel. 

So really, positive choices will always bring positive results. You can start small, like drinking a bottle of water at your desk rather than a coke. Or snacking on fresh fruit and nuts rather than the normal chocolate bar. Get off the train one stop earlier than normal and get a 10 minute walk into your day. There are lots of positive changes you can put into your life to feel better. If you are living in Berlin why not try one of my snack boxes and see how delicious plant based snacks can be. Or try out one of the recipes here on the blog. Anyway I hope this helps inspire you to make some changes in your life to move towards being your best you! 

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