Decide that you are worth it!

I know I mention this rather a lot but I really do believe in a holistic approach to health, meaning looking at ourselves as Soul, Body and Spirit. You can not pay all of your attention to one and neglect the others and expect to lead a healthy, happy life.

I am currently working on the My Goodness programs that will be coming out soon and even these are paying attention to the whole of you, not just your body and nutrition. This has really got me thinking... I so often from from people that they don't have time to cook at home, they don't have the head space to organise their meals or even that looking after their bodies just isn't as important as the other long list of stuff they have going on. I just don't understand this. You wouldn't go on a long road trip and say "We just don't have time to stop for fuel it's not important!" Because we know that fuel is what is going to get us to where we need to be efficiently and effectively. We need to take the time to look after our bodies so that we can live our lives efficiently and effectively. And it all starts with one decision: decide that you are worth it!

Our bodies are incredible. We are made up of 7 octillion atoms, that's more than there are stars in our galaxy! There is so much going on inside of us that we are not even aware of all the time. My body is my home while I am on this Earth and I know that in order for me to live life to the full I have to look after it. 

So if you are wanting to make a step towards a healthier lifestyle this is the first step: decide you are worth it! You are worth investing time, money and energy into because you will reap the benefits. Decide to place value on yourself and decide to go after the goal.


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