What sets your soul on fire?

This Monday morning I have woken up feeling so inspired and motivated to take this week by storm, confident in the mission that is in my heart: to empower people to live life to their full potential by encouraging all round healthy lifestyles.

"You have two very important days in your life... the day you are born, and the day you figure out why." - Mark Twain

Have you discovered what you are on this planet to do yet? If you have... amazing! Never give up and chase that dream with all your heart and soul as having purpose and passion is a part of living the best life that you can. It is not always easy and there are some days where you have to really push yourself and overcome challenges but I'm afraid that is apart of the journey we are all on to becoming who we are called to be. If you have no idea what I am talking about that is also ok... but make sure you take time to dream, to ask yourself the question "what sets my soul on fire?" What excites you? What are you passionate about? What gifts and talents do you have? How could you use what is in your hands right now to make a positive change in your city or society? Sometimes it can be something that you are passionately against, causes like hunger or human trafficking. 

When your heart decides a destination, your mind creates ways to get there. There is always change involved, which requires growth and that isn't always easy but it is worth it. So what can you do today to take one step closer to being where you want to be tomorrow! Take time to dream, to think and believe in you and your future. 

People who change the world normally start by changing themselves.

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