Designed for the Adventure

I love the ocean. I love the power of it's strength, the great sense of mystery and adventure that comes with it, the gentle way it brings peace and tranquility that can refresh your soul, it has so many sides to it's character. Most of all I love the way it reminds me of how small I am, a part of the bigger picture that is going on around me.  I grew up in the south of England where there is quite a big sailing culture, especially amongst my group of friends. My Dad taught me how to sail when I was around 12, we went on sailing holidays, some of us would go out sailing after school, it was a lot of fun! My Dad had a little sailing boat which he recently sold because he never took it out of the harbour any more and that's what lead me to this thought.

You may have heard the expression "It may be safer for a boat to sit in the harbour but that is not what it was designed for." This is a great motivational quote to inspire you to get out there and take risks but it's not totally accurate. A boat can experience more damage when it is in the harbour than when it is out on the stormy seas. When a boat just sits there doing nothing, barnacles start to form on the bottom. These are really damaging to the wood, and they slow it down and it takes a lot more energy to get the boat moving.

I believe that we are designed to move. We are designed to be out "on the vast open waters" so to speak, living out the life that we are designed for. Some boats are little and made for racing and sport, others are huge and carry cargo around the world, others are for people transportation, they all look and act differently but are out there doing what they are supposed to do. We live to our full potential when we are doing what we were designed for. But when we just sit... negative things that we can't even see start to grow, and this can hold us back when we do get out into open waters.

Sometimes we just have to go, we may not even be sure of our destination but it is much easier to steer a moving ship than try to direct one with the anchor in the ground. Don't let negative thoughts or attitudes cling to you from being stuck somewhere you weren't designed to be. Embrace the adventure and get out there! Whatever that looks like in your world. You are designed to move forward... healthy things always grow!   

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