Chia Choc Choice Bites

The way we choose to look at our situations makes such a huge difference to the way we handle our situations. Our minds are so powerful and the way we think and the words we speak really can change our worlds. I've just come out of a massive weekend straight into a big week ahead. If I wanted to, I could stress about it and think about how hard it's going to be and how can I possibly get everything done that needs to get done, and oh my goodness I am so overwhelmed. That does happen from time to time. I think we can build things up in our heads that we are perfectly capable of but we make mountains out of mole hills and convince ourselves that it is too much. Instead I am choosing to look at it differently. I know the why behind what I am doing. I know that I look after myself so that when big days come I can handle them. I know that I can do this, just by making the decision.

There is an element of wisdom needed here of course, don't go to the gym and try and lift 10 times more than you ever have before just because you believe in yourself! You're just going to end up hurt then you won't be able to train at all. I know they say that talking to yourself is a sign of madness but I do it all the time. You can't rely on other people to build you up. You have to learn to do it yourself. So make the decision and tell yourself "I can do this". Then you can learn and grow in the process.

Anyway, I made these little chocolate and chia bites as I have a few parties coming up and I wanted to create something really pretty, super delicious and wonderfully healthy to shift the thinking of those who still believe that healthy eating is for rabbits. Chia seeds are said to be one of the world's most nutritious foods, full of fibre, quality proteins, high in Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. The Aztecs are said to have used this tiny seed as a performance enhancer back in the day. So it really is deserving of it's title 'superfood'. Hope you enjoy.

CHIA AND CHOC PARTY BITES - Makes lots of little ones

You will need:

 For the base:

2/3 cup peanuts
1 cup dates
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp rice malt syrup


For the Chia Pudding:
1/3 cup Chia seeds
1 Cup mixed berries
1/3 cup water



The chia seeds need a little bit of time to turn into a gel-like substance so we will start there. Put the berries and the water into the bender and mix until it forms a really smooth liquid. If you are using fresh berries you probably won't need the extra water but you just have to gage it. Then put the mixture into a jar and pour the chia seeds in and stir it really well. Then you can leave the Mixture in the fridge to set.



To make the bases, your first mix the nuts and raw cacao together, if you have a super strong blender you can throw the dates in there too but if not it's best to separate the dates. Put the Coconut oil and rice malt syrup in a sauce pan and leave it for a few minutes until it has melted and pour this in. Mix it all together, either in the blender or with a spoon in a bowl. Once you have your mixture you can roll it into little balls and then flatten it out to make little bases. Then leave this in the fridge for a few hours while the chia mixture is coming together. 

The chia pudding does need a little time to set, I left it for about two hours and it was perfect but you could also do this over night or whatever suits you best. You need it to be nice and thick so it sits on top of the base without running over the sides. Then you just spoon it onto the little bases and there you go. You can choose a nice topping to make them look even better. I put some crushed peanuts and cacao on top with a little rose. But you could put whatever you like, they are so pretty anyway. 

So there you go, super healthy, and pretty and yummy! The perfect sweet canapé for any party! Hope you like them.

Happy Monday xxx 



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Oct 26, 2015


Maureen Mutheu

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