Kindness Kookies

Our world today can be very self orientated, it's all about "I" and "my". But relationships and community play such a big role in developing healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lifestyles. My Goodness was started to empower you to be the best version of you that you can be. This is so that you can go out and impact the world around you, doing your little bit to make it a better place, because ultimately that is all apart of living life to the full. I am what I like to call an "extroverted introvert" meaning I love people, I love community, but I get reenergised in my own space, and I need "me time" in order to give out to those around me. This is absolutely ok, and it's important to understand the way you work in order to be the best that you can be. I know this is how I work so it's my responsibility to make sure I have that time. But it's easy to get lost in this place sometimes... we can be so focused on our own worlds that we forget to look outside into the worlds of those around us. And it's a downward spiral, I never feel good in this place! I discovered that the best way out of the "me focus" is just to do something kind for someone else. It's so simple! Inspired by a very wonderful woman I have in my world, I've started to think forward to the christmas season and started "PLOTTING" acts of kindness! What can I do...? Generosity isn't about the size of your bank account, it's about the size of your heart. So think what can you do today to bless someone else? Feel the glow coming from the inside and it will leave you shining!

I created these cookies for my neighbour who has a very specific, health related diet who is also allergic to nuts! So for all of you nut free people: this one is for you.


You will need:

1 Cup Oats
2 apples
150g dates
1/2 cup Sultanas
1/3 cup Buckwheat FLour
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 Cup Water
Turn your oven on to 180*C. Chop one of the apples into small chunks and mix in a blender with the water and the dates to create a delicious, sweet, gooey texture. This is what holds your cookies together.

Pour this mixture into a large bowl and mix in the other ingredients. Take the second apple and grate it into the mixture, obviously leaving out the core. This is mainly to get the colour of the apple chunks, but the extra apple also helps the flavour! Once it is all mixed up together, take a baking tray with baking paper on it and make little balls from the mixture and press them down to the size of a cookie. Then pop them in the oven. 

Leave them in the oven for between 20 - 30 minutes, depending on how chewy you like your cookies, I like mine really chewy so 20 mins is plenty for me, then take them out and leave them on a cooling rack to cool. 

The next bit is super simple. Wrap them up in baking paper with some string, write a little note to someone and give them away! Voila! You have successfully made Kindness Kookies. The best thing about these are they are full of slow releasing energy and they fill you up! They have no refined sugars so you won't have blood spikes like with normal cookies and they are handmade with love! Perfect to take to work for the day or to have with your morning tea.

So if you are feeling a little down or just wound up in al the small details of life, just think of something that you can do for someone else. Building healthy and strong relationships with those around us is always a good idea. And you can always make a second batch for you! Enjoy! 

Happy Monday xxx 


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