Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas


I cannot believe it is Christmas this week! December has been such a whirl wind of work, parties, events and it's not over yet. I was thinking "how am I going to get through the party season, enjoying family time, having some much needed down time and having a lot of fun whilst keeping up with my lifestyle. Every knows that Christmas is famous for over indulging... eating lots of chocolate and drinking way too much. That's not really my thing so I came up with some thoughts for myself, knowing how previous christmases have gone, and I thought I would share them with you all.


1. Listen to your Body
I say this all the time but it is so important. It is so important to stay tuned to what your body actually needs. Don't fill your plate and gorge mindlessly, be realistic about your portion sizes. Eat slowly and when you are full... stop. In our house there are plenty of left overs so we can always have more later! There is always the opportunity to snack over christmas, so think if you actually are hungry or just bored because there is a difference. 


2. Think about your Drink
Lots of us drink considerably less water in the winter, and especially over christmas, we are all into the champagne, hot chocolates and egg nog. But this christmas make sure you drink lots of water. Fill a bottle up and make sure you finish it throughout the day. Then think about your alcohol... red wine is much better for your health than white wine or champagne. Avoid sugary alcohol that spike your sugar levels and leave you with a horrific headache the next morning. Vodka and soda is a much better option than Vodka and coke for example... make some intelligent swaps.


3. Get your Vitamins and Minerals
There is always a spike in illnesses over the holidays with people traveling, stopping and allowing their bodies to actually rest, people gathering together... So make sure you boost your immune system with lots of fruit and vegetables... stock up on fruits for breakfast that are rich in vitamin C, like grapefruit and oranges. And make sure you get plenty of veg at dinner. 


4. Get Involved
If you are worried about your dietary requirements at a dinner or a party... offer to bring something, a healthy salad or dessert, this way you know you will be able to eat something. If you're having dinner at home and your family don't have the same lifestyle, help out in the kitchen and you can make sure there is something for you too... plus your family will love you for it. 


5. Move
I'm lucky to come from a really active family so we have always had long family walks up and down hills as part of our christmas tradition. Keep active throughout the season, morning runs, short yoga sessions, family walks. You can perform some free exercises just in your bedroom to get the blood flowing. Just make the decision to keep it up!


6. Rest Up
We all need a good rest! make sure you take some time out this holiday season to really relax... however that looks like to you. Get plenty of sleep and refresh yourself so you can go into the New Year strong and ready to go!


7. Don't Stress and Have Fun
I know that Christmas isn't everyone's favourite time of year. For some it can be really difficult with tough family situations, broken expectations, maybe it has just been a really hard year... It can be quite a stressful time of year. But really try to rise above any drama, take a moment to be grateful for the good things every day, remember to breath and have some fun. Celebrate the wins from 2015, no matter how big or small they might be. Enjoy being with family and friends. Laugh, play, eat, be merry!


I hope this helps... this is my plan! My goodness is now closed for the Christmas holidays but we will be back in January with a brand new box and lots of exciting things coming up in the new year! Have a very Merry Christmas! Have lots of fun and I wish you all the joy in the world!


Much Love,


Izzy xxx 

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