100% Plant Based Besto!

I wanted to share a little bit of my story with you all today and the tale behind why I decided to live a life that is 100% plant based. I realise that this way of living is not for everyone and for a lot of people the word "Vegan" still carries a particular judgement or prejudice. I am pleased to say that this is changing with the wellness craze sweeping over the big metropolitan cities of the world and the awareness that we now have, linking our wellbeing to the foods we eat and our general lifestyle. But for me, this way of eating really changed my whole life. 

I was living in Sydney, Australia and my life was very full... I always have had a full lifestyle, I guess I am drawn to it. I had multiple jobs, was finishing off a three year course, I was planning an overseas move, plus a wedding, I was highly involved in a big christmas production plus enjoying my last few months living on the beaches! My then boyfriend (now husband) was struggling with his health and decided to go on this rather intense, all plant based natural diet... basically if it didn't come straight from the ground, he wouldn't eat it. After a week I decided to go on it with him to show my support, plus it was easier to cook for us both when we were eating the same way. The first two weeks were really difficult. I had quite a strong caffeine addiction (coffee in Australia is a big thing) that I had to fight and was coming off sugars and other addictive substances that we eat every day without even noticing. After 2 weeks I started to feel like a new human... I had so much energy, I slept better, I didn't have the normal afternoon "slump", I was more focused, alert, my mind seemed to work better. The discipline with my food started to leak into other areas of my life and my time management and self awareness got better. All from changing my diet.

This is where the power of the message behind 'my goodness' came from - "To empower people to live life to their full potential" to FEEL BETTER & LIVE WELL.  The story of course continues and a lot happened to get to where I am today but this was the start of it all... I hope this can inspire you to realise that your body is an incredible thing and when you look after it well and love it, then you discover a whole new way of living! 

This recipe was requested by my brother last week so I am sharing a really simple Pesto that you can use for so many different meals! 


You will need:

1 Cup Cashews
2 Cups of fresh Basil Leaves
1/2 Garlic Clove
1/2 Lemon
2/3 Cup Olive Oil
1/3 Cup Water
Himalayan Rock Salt
Pick the leaves from the basil plant and throw them into a blender, with the cashews, salt and water, squeeze the lemon juice all over it. I love lemon so I always want a lot of the flavour!
I always like to chop the Garlic into little pieces as I have one experience where I bit into a massive chunk of raw garlic and that is a little intense! So chop that up and add to the blender.
Blend it all together... Simple as that. I find that adding a little water gives it a really nice consistency but you can see what you like. If you're making a dip then a thicker consistency is nice, if you want to use it as a pasta sauce then you can thin it out a little. But I add 1/3 cup of water. Also cashews have a really creamy consistency when they are blended for a long time, so the length of time you blend also has an effect on the finished product. 
There are so many things you can do with this pesto! It's great as a dip with carrots or cucumber as a snack, it's great with pasta and vegetables, it works amazingly on toast, great with boiled potatoes and tomatoes, sometimes I just eat with with a spoon! Sometimes I add half a zucchini into it too for the extra nutrients and it adds a whole level of flavour. Plus you can put it in a jar and keep it for the next few days so it's great when you have a full life!
Above I mixed 1 spoon of pesto with quinoa, cucumber, avocado and pumpkin seeds... super quick and easy lunch! Give this pesto a go... it doesn't need the cheese to be delicious, plus all the ingredients are easy for your body to digest meaning you produce lots of energy, not spend it processing the food! 100% plant based! 
Happy Monday xxx

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