About Us

My Goodness is the result of a profound desire to change the status-quo on food. Take all the best tastes nature has to offer, prepare it with love and respect and serve good, healthy food. That is what we stand for. Plain & simple: We are 100% vegan and organic.

Behind the scenes: two life enthusiasts

The story of My Goodness is intertwined with the personal stories of its two owners. Both their visions, resiliency and dedication lead to a place where LIFE IS DELICIOUS. A place where you simply don’t have to compromise regarding your food quality, your values and your pleasure.

My Goodness would not be what it is today without their everyday implication. Meet the two persons behind the scenes, Isabelle the heart & soul of the vegan cafe and Valentin our handy-entrepreneur.

Genesis of My Goodness: the first days

In 2015 Izzy was still working as a trained musician and thus needed her body to function at its best to be able to sing in front of an audience every day. She found it increasingly difficult to find food options that were fresh, healthy and at the same time delicious to support her active lifestyle.

Because of this lack of healthy food options, she started making healthy snacks and salads herself and took them to sets and events where she was supposed to perform. Soon enough, more and more people started noticing her food and wanted a bite or even a full plate.

Her love for healthy food and the obvious demand for it pushed Izzy to seize this opportunity. She launched her own company, rolling energy balls at 5 in the morning and delivering them to offices around the city by bike.

My Goodness & BECYCLE: it's a match!

Later on Izzy met Gundula from BECYCLE, who was looking for the right person to take care of the cafe space in her fitness studio. Both individuals and their ideas matched wonderfully, the adventure could begin.

Valentin first came as a friend to help Izzy with the amount of work to be done. He filled a much-needed gap with his business and structure loving brain. Together they decided to roll up their sleeves and launch what is now known as My Goodness.

Body and soul nourishing food

The rest is history. Today our space is what it is because of our loyal customers and our fantastic food loving team bringing in all the good vibes. It’s the vibrant spot you can find in Berlin Mitte’s beautiful Brunnenstraße today. For generous and nourishing food!

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