Daily Specials

If you are looking for a place where everyday brings a new taste, then you are on the right track. 
Every week, we design a weekly menu inspired by nature's season and the offerings of fresh & beautiful produces.

Discover our daily dishes offerings in Berlin

From Monday to Friday, stop by MyGoodness and try our daily specials dishes for lunch


Tomato, mushroom and basil risotto with crunchy topping.
Mung bean, quinoa and roasted zucchini with herb dip topped with roasted spicy pumpkin seeds
Warm beluga lentil salad with roasted pumpkin, carrots and an avocado-basil dip
Cauliflower Spelt salad topped with cranberries and roasted almonds with a red pepper dip
Sweet Potato, black beans and coconut stew on rice with avo-lime dip

We make all of our food from fresh, organic ingredients. Our weekly menus are subject to change according to produce availability.