Monday 24 April


Roasted parsnip and potato salad with a lime, parsley and fennel dressing

Oven baked falafel balls with a roasted red pepper hummus and quinoa salad


Tuesday 25 April


Roasted aubergine filled with a mushrooms, rocket and coriander salad, served with roasted potatoes

Herbed tomato and red lentil stew with red rice and mixed leaves


Wednesday 26 April


Burrito Bowl, with black beans, fresh guacamole, tomato salsa and fresh lemon dressing

Chickpea, butternut and mango stew on red rice with roasted zucchinis


Thursday 27 April


Quinoa, sweet potato and fennel rocket salad with a turmeric dressing

Walnut, avocado and pear salad with marinated portobello and balsamic dressing


Friday 28 April


Pumkin, edamame and cranberry spinach salad with a citrus dressing and roasted almonds

Aubergine, almond and tahini stew mixed with black rice and salad







Because our menus are made fresh everyday, our menu is subject to change due to the availability of the fresh produce.