January Detox Programs



We are jumping into 2018 with our detox programs to make eating healthily and working out easier and more fun than ever! 

We have teamed up with Becycle to create customised detox programs to help you begin the New Year in the healthiest way possible. Our programs will help restore balance to your body's systems through fuelling your body with organic, plant-based meals. You collect your package everyday from our shop and we sort your food out for the next 24hours.

We believe healthy eating should be enjoyed, not endured! Our detox programs are not like the standard detoxes that leave you feeling drained and hungry. Our nutrient dense meals satisfy your body and your taste buds. Our snacks help to curb cravings as we use natural ingredients to satisfy.

Your body is constantly detoxing and working hard to keep you healthy. These programs are designed to help your body to help you! A way of giving back after what we put it through over the holiday season. This is not your standard DETOX program that leaves you feeling deprived and drained. 

What you can expect from our programs:

    • Organic, nutrient dense, delicious meals
    • Nutrition designed to help your body reset after the holidays
    • The option to have your food delivered to your door
    • Top workouts, in a top studio with highly qualified instructors

    We offer the following programs (each one starts on a Monday in January - choose either the 15th or 22nd) :
    • Combi Deal: 299€
      • 5 days - Whole menu plan (breakfast, snack, lunch, smoothie, dinner, fresh tea and a Kombucha)
      • 2 workouts a day at the Becycle studio.
      • Combi Lunch: 119€
        • 5 days - Daily lunch menu with a delicious snack and a health booster shot.
        • 1 Lunchtime class everyday at the Becycle studio
      • Soul Nutrition: 175€
        • 5 days - Whole menu plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, smoothie, fresh tea, kombucha) 
        • No workouts included
      • Lunchtime Workout: 79€
        • 5 days - 1 lunchtime workout everyday at the Becycle studio
        • no nutrition included.

        If you would like more information or would like to sign up, email us directly at valentin@mygoodnessberlin.com