We have 2 dishes made fresh every day, along side our standard options that are available all day every day. 


We make our specials fresh everyday from seasonal, organic ingredients.
Nutritious and delicious, naturally.


Monday 22nd April

Easter Monday

We are open between 10 – 17h with our brunch menu


Tuesday 23rd April

Balsamico Biscuit

Tomato and basil millet salad with balsamic dressing on walnut biscuit 

Friends Call Me Baba

Aubergine, mint and sultana quinoa salad with a lemon baba ganoush and pomegranate


Wednesday 24th April

Purrrring Puree

Roasted aubergine and red onion puree on an almond and tahini biscuit topped with roasted vegetables and rice mix and savoury granola

Aunty Patty

Cauliflower and chickpea patties served on a shredded carrot and quinoa salad with a peanut dip and a lime and sesame dressing


Thursday 25th April

The Greek

Tomatoes, cucumber, Romain and quinoa salad with fresh herbs and a sunflower seed and dill dressing

Cell Block Rock

Jerusalem artichoke, apple and celeriac salad with roast potatoes and a balsamic dressing


Friday 26th April

Drop Beets with Basil

Beetroot and basil salad on quinoa with a sweet potato hummus and a raspberry balsamic jam

 Them Balls

Lentil and walnut balls served in a warm tomato and mushroom stew on a wild rice base


Because our menus are made fresh everyday, our menu is subject to change due to the availability of the fresh produce.