The Philosophy

My Goodness is all about the whole person, whole happiness, whole foods, and whole life. We are about making those choices in life that can change your whole world and impact those around you. Nutrition, exercise, relationships and purpose all contribute to learning to live life well. With My Goodness we hope to inspire, empower, encourage and enable you to take the steps that you need towards achieving wellness in your world.  This is a little section so we can share our heart and philosophy about food with you. 


We believe in the power of plants! We are all about nutrient dense, delicious plant power to set you up for a win. We have so many options available to us when it comes to food these days, not all are good, some times it's best to take it back to basics, homemade, whole foods, prepared the old fashioned way: with a lot of love.

Don’t count calories. Calories are not created equal and they are a term for measuring energy, yet we have somehow taken that and turned it into something negative. We want to shift that mindset and get you to start counting goodness and nutrients. Food is not only for fuelling our bodies, it should be enjoyed, not endured. So instead of counting, we like to focus on how you feel in your own skin.

We love healthy fats! Another term that people are afraid of these days is FAT. But the ground produces wonderful healthy fats that are vital to our everyday life and leaving us glowing from the inside out. When you get these different groups in balance your body can really thrive!

Every one is beautifully different, so it’s important to listen to your body to know what it needs. What foods leave you feeling great and full of energy that lasts? What foods leave you feeling heavy and tired? What exercise do you enjoy? How much sleep do you need to feel great? There are lots of different questions to ask yourself when it comes to taking steps towards a healthy, whole lifestyle. So be kind to yourself, listen to your body and above all else value yourself because you are worth investing into. And that's what we hope you take away from any interaction with My Goodness. 

We believe that nutrition is the key to unlocking a healthy lifestyle. Once you discover a way of fuelling your body that leaves you feeling fantastic, you will feel empowered to tackle other areas of your world to develop a whole holistic approach to health. We have to ensure we are looking after our body, spirit and mind to live the life that we were created to live. We have to love, give, create, inspire and grow. When we are living to our full potential, then we can really make and impact in our worlds and spread the goodness wherever we go!