What People Say

"Scientists say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We don’t really care, if that is true, because we basically love to eat all day long. What we do care about, is our health and of course a great breakfast or lunch, that saves us after a long night of dancing and the occasional drink."

"Since we feel like we might not be the only ones feeling like this, we have collected some of the most exciting places that serve you extra-healthy breakfast and lunch."


"Our healthy breakfast and lunch list is led by the newest place in our selection. My Goodness opened in the summer of 2016 and offers a selection of super fresh breakfast and lunch bowls full of nutritious, pure ingredients especially made for health-conscious and sporty kind of people. It does make sense as the place is connected the new spinning and power yoga studio Becycle. I would also like to highlight their unique smoothie menu that includes mixes that you won’t get in any other place in Berlin."

My Goodness, Brunnenstraße 24, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.iheartberlin.de/de/2016/09/08/a-healthy-breakfast-lunch-guide-for-berlin/ 



"Viele Berliner Lokale verwenden ein paar Bio Produkte, aber wenige sind so wie dieses Lokal zu 100% Bio. Es werden also ausschließlich biologische Zutaten verwendet und der Schwerpunkt liegt auf gesunder und ausgewogener Ernährung. Vegan und ohne industriellen Zucker sind Essen und Getränke hier ebenso. Mich interssieren vor allem die Smoothies und ich bestelle einen Kale Yeah! aus Heidelbeeren, Bananen, Grünkohl und Supergreen Mix (5,90€). Supergreens sind in diesem Fall getrocknete Pflanzen, die als Art Nahrungsergänzung in den Smoothie eingestreut werden. Wie notwendig und sinnvoll das ist, muss jeder selber entscheiden."


"Da die Heidelbeeren gefroren sind, ist der im schön geschliffenen Glas servierte Smoothie ziemlich kalt. Halbgefroren wie ein Sorbet, aber durch die Banane cremig, schmeckt er wie ein wunderbares Blaubeereis. Ziemlich fruchtig, süß und gut, dabei so gut wie gar nicht nach Grünkohl. Das ist kein gemüsiger Green Smoothie, sondern eine wahrscheinlich recht gesunde Leckerei. Frühstücksbowls, 2 verschiedene Mittagessen und Kaffee sind auch auf der Karte. Die Plastikverpackungen sind ebenfalls bio und kompostierbar. Alles zusammen ziemlich gut!"

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://sattundfroh.de/my-goodness/



"If you are looking for healthy, nutritious smoothies or smoothie bowls, My Goodness Berlin is exactly the right thing. The small, bright restaurant is located within the BECYCLE studio on Brunnenstraße. Here you can first participate in an intense spinning workout and then visit the neighbouring My Goodness Berlin, where invigorating snacks are offered to provide the body with new energy.

The menu is dependent on the offers of the season. Only pure vegetable organic ingredients are used here. For a small fee each smoothie can be upgraded as a Smoothie Bowl, suitable for breakfast, after a workout or simply in between meals. The "Love You So Matcha" is made out of banana, ginger, lemon, lime, mint, matcha, maca, moringa, wheatgrass, barley grass and coconut milk. In addition there are two daily lunches – all of them according to the sense of healthy living and clean eating lifestyles.

A very important fact of the philosophy of My Goodness: Although it is a healthy lifestyle, it does not mean that calories are counted here. The good products used at My Goodness provide you with abundant energy, which is useful for your body and soul and can easily be utilised by your body at the same time. It's about getting a healthy feeling for your body and learning what's good for you. Above all My Goodness proves one thing: healthy food can also be really delicious.

Whether as a drink or bowl - everything can be easily taken away and does not have to be eaten on spot so that the healthy snacks and smoothies can be perfectly integrated into the everyday life."

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.top10berlin.de/de/cat/essen-267/snack-go-3002/my-goodness-berlin-4703#1