What People Say

"Whenever I get something from MyGoodness I am instantly super happy. I just know that so much love, patience and créativité went into making it and I know it's all good for my body! I just feel very valued, which makes me value myself!"

Laura, Graphic designer at Epic Berlin

"The MyGoodness Box opened my eyes that healthy food can also be very delicious, it's the best answer for my sweet cravings. Try it! You will love it!"

Patrick, Lavazza Coffee

"It was a little morsel of utter bliss! Definitely had me humming myyyyy goodness as I tried to eat it in slow motion to make it last as long as possible! The granola on top of my porridge was heavenly! My goodness indeed!"

Emily Rice, Singer/Songwriter

"I can't say enough good things about mygoodness! Their snack boxes are healthy, ingenious and absolutely delicious! You can see that they are made with a lot of love and care. They also make great little gifts to encourage your friends when they need a little boost."

Thea, Student 

"People think that healthy eating is some sort of abstinence, something that has to be endured, but my goodness uses all sorts of amazing ingredients and flavours to make healthy eating enjoyable." 

Manuel, Teatox

"For me food needs to taste amazing first of all, and I love that My Goodness combines both healthy and delicious"

Vera, Zalando