What we do

We are all about healthy, real, delicious food that is full of nutrients and leaves you feeling satisfied and full of energy. We make slow food and serve it fast, here's how...


We have a beautiful space in the heart of Berlin where you can come and experience our nutritious and delicious goodness for yourself. We have our range of nutritionally designed smoothies, smoothie bowls and breakfasts available every day, as well as two daily options, freshly made for you in our kitchen. We always have our food available to "grab-n-go" so it's perfect for you if you want a quick option that is going to empower you for the rest of the day. 
Our menu is always changing, depending on what is in season. All of our breakfasts, smoothies, lunches and snacks are made with love from organic whole foods right here in our cafe. Click here if you want to see what is coming up on our menu. Or you can always just pop in and say hi if you're in the neighbourhood. 



There is a lot of scientific research showing that when people are healthier, they are more productive, more creative, generally happier and more focused. My Goodness has created a way that companies can value their employees and help them be the best that they can be by fuelling them with fresh, healthy, real food. We have different breakfast and lunch options that we deliver to your office to give your team the best fuel possible. We also have brain boosting snacks that provide your team with the slow releasing energy that they need to get them through the day... as well as being extremely delicious, naturally.

For all catering enquiries please contact catering@mygoodnessberlin.com or follow the link through the catering page of our website.